• Web-sharing your pictures / Social media

    Web-sharing your picturesWith this option, your participants will be able to send/share their pictures through (your choice of) email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Text msg.
    You can fill a survey, build an email list of potential customers. All this by using our app on the iPads which would be placed next to the CabinePhoto so not to slow down the flow of visitors (contrarily to sharing directtly on the CabinePhoto)

  • Animated Gif Pictures

    Numeric photos via a USB keyPerfect with the web-sharing option!
  • Funny accessories

    Let's start off classy, then we open the box of funny hats, glasses etc... With a wide range of fun or themed accessories.

  • The backdrop: white, motif, or GreenScreen?

    Personalize the backdropThe booth rental comes with a white backdrop, but you can have one that reflects your own personal style. Customized backdrops can be used again and again.
    Should we use a GreenScreen...then the backdrop is only limited by your imagination (and your graphic designer)
    photo photo
  • Rent a complete booth

    Rent a complete cabinLive the full experience! The photo booth, lighting and privacy to take your pictures.
    What happens in the booth, stays in the booth.

  • Change the lens, for a wide-angle one!

    Change the lens for a wind-angle one (15-mm lens) For truly original photos we suggest changing the traditional lens with a wide-angle one. Big laughs will be had by all!

  • Projecting the events pictures, on a Tv or Screen

    TVWe can set up a screen outside the booth to display photos after they are taken or to give you a live view inside the booth.
  • Full booth esthetic customization

    Full booth customizationLet's "dress-up" our booth to your logo/colours/theme However, you can customize the entire booth exterior to your liking.
    Customized exteriors can be used again and again.
  • Multiple prints

    Multiple printsMultiple guests mean multiple people wanting the pictures.
    We offer you the possibility to automatically double print each photo or even print ,on demand, unlimited numbers of the same picture.
  • Additional operating hours

    Additional hourYou can add-on, to the basic 4 hour package, or it can be stretched to your liking, or even divide the allotted time according to your schedule.
    For example, a 1 1/2 hour cocktail event for business (pause for up to two hours) then the remaining 2 1/2 hours after dinner!
  • For an original or off-the-wall touch,

    For an original or off-the-wall touchFor an original or off-the-wall touch, use a range of options, gadgets or props depending on your needs—and your imagination!
  • Personalize your photos

    Personalize your photoAdd a logo, slogan or quotation to each print.
    The possibilities are endless: don't hesitate to ask how we can incorporate your own personal touch!


Let's make your participants happy!

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